DMD-25 Masters Chronicle Deck: Romanov Rises from Purgatory


Translation: Masters Chronicle Deck:
Romanov's Resurrection from Purgatory
Gallery: DMD-25 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: August 8, 2015
Civilization(s): Darkness / Fire / Nature
Main Race(s): Dark Lord
Next Set: DMD-26 Masters Chronicle Deck: Survivor Evo-Theory α to Ω
Previous Set: DMD-24 Masters Chronicle Deck: Bolmeteus Returns
Block: Revolution Rev

Masters Chronicle Deck: Romanov Rises from Purgatory is the 25th DMD set in the OCG.


It is a part of the Masters Chronicle Deck series of Theme Decks.

This deck comes with a deck case and a tutorial on how to play the deck.

All cards in this set are printed using the Old Frame used before Episode 1. The paper texture of the cards and the lineup of the card information at the lower right corner is the same as new cards, however.

New Cards:

How to play

Use cards such as Dark Life, Johnny Walker, Exploding Mask and Dandy Eggplant to increase your mana and mill your deck for advantage. Colorful Dance can be used to toy around with the cards in your mana zone as well and while Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior can be used too, it is more for stalling the opponent. Once you have enough mana and/or graveyard fodder, you may send out powerful Graveyard evolution creatures and Crossfire, Millionaire. Romanov the 2nd, Demonic Eye Hierophant can help you cast Eternal Sign and send out copies of Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye from the graveyard which in return can reanimate more creatures. Adding a few Mega Manalock Dragons into the deck can further up the destruction caused by Eternal Sign.


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 19

Fire Fire Civilization: 2

Nature Nature Civilization: 6

DarknessFire Darkness and Fire: 5

DarknessNature Darkness and Nature: 4

FireNature Fire and Nature: 4

How to improve

In order to avoid The Grave of Angels and Demons, it is advised adding a few Zero Romanov, Darkness GUY. Additionally, Hannibal Zeta, the Charismatic Annihilator can also be added due to his synergy with Eternal Sign and as a way to recover some cards from the graveyard and avoiding a deckout. Hyperspatial Faerie Hole is recommended in order to soothe the progression for Romanov the 2nd, Demonic Eye Hierophant.

For defenses, Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian is the deck's only blocker, but shield triggers can be added. While Necrodragon Odol Needle is good due to the deck's predominant Dragon races, better shield triggers such as Terror Pit, Death Hands, Misfortune Emperor and Sturm, Scrapper can be used as replacements. Ultimately, due to the deck's emphasis on graving and the fact that its main trump cards have 8000 power, 5000GT, Riot can also be added to ensure mass removal and lockdown to many meta decks.

If you want to supply your graveyard with cards from your hand, Pulsar, Trans Suction can work. Bone Dance Charger is required if you want to self mill and boost your mana while Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist is for organizing your hand and choosing what to self discard. If you add Water, Dragment Innovation can be adapted due to its synergy with Romanov the 2nd, Demonic Eye Hierophant's self mill and spell casting.


  • Cards from this deck can't be used in a Revolution-limited format because of the lack of a Rev set symbol.
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