DMD-21 Due-ma Start Deck: Invincible Fire Civilization


Translation: Due-ma Start Deck:
Invincible Fire Civilization
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Release Date: April 25, 2015
Civilization(s): Fire
Main Race(s): Mega Command Dragon, Fire Bird En
Next Set: DMD-22 Due-ma Start Deck: Destroyer Darkness Civilization
Previous Set: DMD-20 Super Victory Deck: Victorious Rising Dragon Sword Gaiohburn
Block: Revolution Rev.png

Due-ma Start Deck: Invincible Fire Civilization is the 21st DMD set in the OCG.


Each of the 3 Duema Start Decks (DMD-21, DMD-22 and DMD-23) are based on new races from the Revolution block as well as evolution creatures.

Each Start Deck comes with a promotional P4/Y14 Gaiginga, Fighting Revolution card.

New Cards:


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Fire.png Fire Civilization:


For a Rush style.

Kodamanma, Gil Gil Puppet, Pulsar, Trans Suction and Royal Islay, Explosive Passion can be used for hand replenishment while Hibiki 18y, Explosive Wall can be abused for Escape. If one fears blockers and freeze, Onidotsuki, Hammer Rascal can also be taken into consideration.

Remove: Insert:
2x Evol Dogiragon
2x Gou Grappler Dragon
4x Evol Meracchi
2x B-Boy, the Explosive
4x Kodamanma, Gil Gil Puppet
4x Onikirimaru
2x Islay Hop, Explosive Assault

For an evolution beatdown style.

Cocco Gett, Dragment Lore can be used to get out Evol Dogiragon as early as turn 4. While cost reduction via weenies is advantageous, one should beware the removal of Darkness, such as Bonbaku Tiger, Bomb Cluster.

Remove: Insert:
4x B-Boy, the Explosive
4x Piara Heart
2x Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
4x Cocco Gett, Dragment Lore
2x Cocco Lupia
2x Evol Dogiragon
2x Gou Grappler Dragon


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