DMD-19 Super Victory Deck: Annihilation Dragon Sword Diabolos
「滅びの龍刃 ディアボロス」


Translation: Super Victory Deck: Annihilation Dragon Sword Diabolos
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Release Date: June 21, 2014
Civilization(s): Darkness
Main Race(s): Demon Command Dragon
Next Set: DMD-20 Super Victory Deck: Victorious Rising Dragon Sword Gaiohburn
Previous Set: DMD-18 Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial
Block: Dragon Saga DS

Super Victory Deck: Annihilation Dragon Sword Diabolos is the 19th DMD set in the OCG.


In the anime, Kojiro Sasaki uses Mono-Darkness Control, so this deck is following that theme. Following the mono-civilization theme of the Dragon Saga block, this theme deck is based on Demon Command Dragons and Demon Commands in the Darkness Civilization.

It features both Dragheart Weapons and Creatures, as well as Psychic Creatures.

Diabolos Double Zeta, Temporal Demon Dragon and Diabolos, Prison Dragon Blade are both featured on the back of the deck.

It is the first time Victory cards appear in DMD sets. Even though the previous incarnation of Diabolos Double Zeta, Temporal Demon Dragon, aka Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler was a Super Rare, the card's power makes it worthy of the Victory rarity.

New Cards:

Cards like Hyperspatial Emperor Hole, Bone Dance Charger, Uroborof, Dragon Edge and Batou Shoulder, Shadow of Fiction have updated artworks, but they are not categorized as Mode Change Cards.

It is the first time Dias Zeta, the Temporal Suppressor and Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier have been reprinted, so they are finally more accessible to players.

How to play

Discard cards from your opponent's hand and use Chargers to increase your mana and cast hyperspatial spells or summon Draguners in order to take control of the game earlier.

The early play of DMD-18 can be disturbed by discards, but Zark Taiser, Passion Admiral's discard substitution is a threat. While Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon is easier to adapt in DMD-18, Deathshiraz, Devil Corrupt King doesn't have good chemistry with DMD-19. The only Funky Knightmare in the deck is Uroborof, Dragon Edge, that being because the deck is more focused on Demon Commands.

Since the deck contains hyperspatial spells, Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser can be adapted to respam Jenny, the Suicide Doll from the graveyard. Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious can be added for more removal. Volg Thunder can be added as well due to its synergy with Batou Shoulder, Shadow of Fiction.

While Dulanzames, Jet-Black War Demon and Urami Hades, Curse Hero are used for graveyard salvage and reanimation, Grateful Dead, Lord of Demons can also be adapted for massive graveyard recovery and psychic creature support.

The hyperspatial zone's max number is 8, so more psychic creatures or dragheart weapons can be added. Discald, Misfortune Demon Sickle is not that suited for Uroborof. Diabolos, Prison Dragon Blade is good for graveyard recovery, but its Dragsolution requirement can sometimes work in your disadvantage. If your strategy does not require this dragheart, Uroborof can be removed entirely. Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper and Tigunus, Saint Bell Wings are natural enemies to early discards, so early creature removal is required for adaptation.


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 40

Darkness Darkness Psychic Creatures: 4

Darkness Darkness Draghearts: 2

Suggested edits

These edits are only if one wishes to improve the deck while keeping it as mono-Darkness. Else, do not limit yourself to one civilization.

Recommended Cards Reason
Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye Easy to be brought out due to the deck's graving.
Destolonely, Demon Dragon King Powerful battle zone removal.
Killer the Kill, Demon Dragon King Fixed removal early triple breaker.
Varz Romanov, Dark Lord of Demons Fixed removal and pseudo-speed attacker.
Necrodragon Guljeneraid Easy reanimation due to self removal.
Dead Ryusei, Eternal Demon Dragon Fixed removal and draw.
Ryusei In The Dark Strong battle zone control.
Olzekia, General of Decapitation Classic two for one removal.
Tsumitobatsu, Misfortune Hero Mass removal.
Babelginus, Demonic Dragon Powerful reanimation that can be teamed up with Urami Hades, Curse Hero.
Doterabara, Phantom Mirror Anti spell meta.
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Classic certain discard.
Tigermite, Bomb Devil Mana Arms discard.
Inferno Sign Classic reanimation shield trigger.
Corpse Charger Graveyard recovery and mana acceleration.
Demon Wolf, Howling Moonlight Castle Powerful removal that has strong synergy in Mono Darkness decks.
Upheaval Early pseudo mana burn.
Hyperspatial Revive Hole Graveyard recovery and psychic creature bringer.
Bonbaku Tiger, Bomb Cluster
Honetan, Bone Surface Puppet
Easy way to remove creatures such as Perfect Madonna, Light Weapon, Perfect Lily, Purity Devotee and Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper
Urovelia, Divine Dragon Spear
Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious
Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious
Volg Thunder
Thunder Tiger
Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser
Kill, Temporal Brawler
Hyperspatial zone additions.


DMD-19 Tutorial

Tutorial on how to play the deck.

DMD-18 and DMD-19 set advertisement

DMD-18 and DMD-19 set advertisement

DMD-18 and DMD-19 advertisement.


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