DMD-18 Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial
「燃えよ龍剣 ガイアール」


Translation: Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial
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Release Date: June 21, 2014
Civilization(s): Fire
Main Race(s): Gaial Command Dragon
Next Set: DMD-19 Super Victory Deck: Annihilation Dragon Sword Diabolos
Previous Set: DMD-17 Beginning Dragon Deck: Crystal Memory Dragon
Block: Dragon Saga DS

Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial is the 18th DMD set in the OCG.


Like previous DMDs, this deck is thematic for Katta Kirifuda. Following the mono-civilization theme of the Dragon Saga block, this theme deck is based on Gaial Command Dragons and Human Baku in the Fire Civilization.

It features both Dragheart Weapons and Creatures, as well as Psychic Creatures.

Gaiburn, Furious Leader Dragon and Gaial Kaiser are featured on the back of the deck.

It is the first time Victory cards are featured in DMD decks. It is also the second time Gaial Kaiser has been reprinted. All of the deck's cards have silver frame.

New Cards:

Cards like Hyperspatial Shooting Hole, Glenmalt, Dragon Edge, Tenshukaku, Dragon King Keep and Meteor Charger have updated artworks, but they are not categorized as Mode Change Cards.

How to play

Increase your mana with Chargers so that you can play hyperspatial spells or summon Draguners early for the beatdown to begin. However, as the only small cost cards are Chargers, remodelling the deck a bit for more early game measures is advised.

Defense is carried out by the shield triggers Tenshukaku, Dragon King Keep, Batocross Battle, Passion Dragon and Reckless Cut Scrapper. There are few hand replenishment cards, mostly Zark Taiser, Passion Admiral to counter DMD-19's discard. However, there are late beatstick speed attackers to give the deck a more aggressive nature in order to achieve victory.

The hyperspatial zone's max number is 8, so more psychic creatures or dragheart weapons can be added. Glee Gee Horn, Passion Sword is not that suited for Glenmalt. Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord is not that versatile to link awaken because of Dragonic Pippi and its reliance on Gaial Zero. However, Hyperspatial Gaial Hole can be adapted for it. If one's strategy does not focus on Gaial King Dragon, Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole can be adapted along with Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious and Red ABYTHEN Kaiser.


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Fire Fire Civilization: 40

Fire Fire Psychic Creatures:

Suggested edits

These edits are only if one wishes to improve the deck while keeping it as mono-Fire. Else, do not limit yourself to one civilization.

Recommended Cards Reason
Cocco Lupia
Cheering Pippi
Cost reducing to your Dragons.
Bolshack NEX Lupia spam.
Batoraio Deluxe, Passion Reversal Surprise summon.
Batoraio, Victory Blastdragon Synergy with Batoraio Deluxe.
Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal Powerful finisher.
Hibiki, Explosive Mirror Anti spell meta.
Come On Pippi Alternative way of bringing out Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious
Macallan, Explosive Flame Shooter Early weenie removal through forced-battle.
Game On! Charger 3 cost Charger.
Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole Powerful removal.
Hyperspatial Musha Hole Additional removal to Bolshack Hole.
Hyperspatial Gaial Hole Easy way to link Gaial King Dragon.
Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword
Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious
Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious
Ryusei the Forever Kaiser
Red ABYTHEN Kaiser
Kill, Temporal Brawler
Hyperspatial zone additions.


DMD-18 Tutorial

Tutorial on how to play the deck.

DMD-18 and DMD-19 set advertisement

DMD-18 and DMD-19 set advertisement

DMD-18 and DMD-19 advertisement.

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