DMD-17 Beginning Dragon Deck: Crystal Memory Dragon


Translation: Beginning Dragon Deck: Crystal Memory Dragon
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Release Date: March 21, 2014
Civilization(s): Water
Main Race(s): Crystal Command Dragon
Liquid People Sen
Liquid People
Next Set: DMD-18 Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial
Previous Set: DMD-16 Beginning Dragon Deck: Heavenly Justice Dragon
Block: Dragon Saga DS.png

Beginning Dragon Deck: Crystal Memory Dragon is the 17th DMD set in the OCG.


It is the first set to introduce the new Command Dragon race, Crystal Command Dragon as well as featuring more of the Liquid People Sen race.

Each of the Beginning Dragon Decks only cost ¥500 yen.


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Water.png Water: 40

Suggested edits

Recommended Cards Reason
Streaming Shaper Powerful draw for Mono Water.
Isorock, Aqua Captain Further Vanilla Liquid People.
Java Jack, Ultra Flash Synergy with Aqua Evoluter.
Crystal Super Paladin Blocker and psychic removal.
Aqua Jester Loupe Creature spam and draw.
Matsurida Wasshoi Further Vanilla support.
Command of the Gang Leader Hunter support.


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