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DMD-11 Forbidden Transform Deck: The Book of Outrage
禁断きんだん変形へんけいデッキ: アウトレイジのしょ
Translation: Forbidden Transform Deck:
The Book of Outrage
Gallery: DMD-11 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: July 20, 2013
Civilization(s): Water / Fire / Nature
Main Race(s): Outrage / Outrage MAX
Next Set: DMD-12 Forbidden Transform Deck: The Book of Oracle
Previous Set: DMD-10 1st Deck Oracle Dash
Block: Episode 3 E3.png

Forbidden Transform Deck: Book of Outrage is the 11th DMD set in the OCG.


  • This set includes 50 cards based on the Outrage theme.
  • The deck is designed to be built in two ways. Each card is marked with one of 3 sword symbol's. This signifies whether the card is always in the deck, or an optional choice.
Green DMD-11.gif Core cards are marked with a Green symbol.
Red DMD-11.gif Doron Go cards are marked with a Red symbol.
Blue DMD-11.gif Shield Go cards are marked with a Blue symbol.
  • These deck sets are the most expensive pre-constructed decks yet released under the current "Episode" block structure, at about 2,100 yen each, owing to the intricate, cut-out slip cover over the sturdy, tome-style deck box, a markedly more luxurious presentation over previous deck sets.
  • Each case of DMD-11 and DMD-12 has text written inside the cover. For DMD-12, this reads;
    • The sword of diamond
    • Surface from the abyss
    • unleash thy ВОЗРОЖДЕНИЕ
    • For the power of mystery within
      (Note: ВОЗРОЖДЕНИЕ is Russian for "Revival")


A Group: 10

B Group: 10

C Group: 30

Contents sorted by Civilizations

Water.png Water Civilization: 12

Fire.png Fire Civilization: 17

Nature.png Nature Civilization: 12

Water.pngFire.png Water and Fire: 6

Water.pngNature.png Water and Nature: 3