DMD-01 Start Dash Deck: Fire & Nature


OCG Name:

スタートダッシュ・デッキ 火&自然編


Start Dash Deck: Fire & Nature

Set Gallery

DMD-01 Card Set Gallery

Release Date:

April 23rd, 2011


Fire / Nature

Main Races:

Beast Folk / Human

Next Set:

DMD-02 Start Dash Deck: Water & Darkness

Start Dash Deck: Fire & Nature is the 1st DM set in the Duel Masters Dash series in the OCG.


The cover depicts the new Duel Masters Victory series protagonist, Katsuta Kirifuda.

Before the modern cardface design overhaul starting in DMX-02 and DMX-03, this deck and its counterpart DMD-02 were the last sets released to feature the old cardframe design, which featured among other things: all-white numbers for power, an absent manacost color indicator for mono-civilization cards, and non-distinct paneling.


Use low cost creatures such as Taiga, the Warrior Savage, Pyrofighter Magnus, Gonta, the Warrior Savage, and Hearty Cap'n Polligon to rush your opponent's shields and use cards such as Natural Snare or Dacity Dragoon to protect yourself from other creatures.


Fire: 12

Nature: 19

Multicolored: 9

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