DMC-62 Ultra NEX


Translation: Ultra NEX
Set Gallery: DMC-62 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: July 24, 2010
Civilization(s): Light / Fire
Main Race(s): Armored Dragon / Fire Bird
Next Set: DMC-63 Lunatic God
Previous Set: DMC-61 CoroCoro Dream Pack 4: Eternal Heaven
Block: Psychic Shock
Set Symbol: PS

Ultra NEX is the 62nd DMC pack in the OCG.


It was released alongside DMC-63 Lunatic God.

Both sets are from the "Super Shock Deck" (Super Deck Shock) series and feature silver borders.


Light Light Civilization: 6

Fire Fire Civilization: 31

LightFire Light and Fire: 3

Psychic Creatures: 1


DMC-62 and DMC-63 set advertisement

DMC-62 and DMC-63 set advertisement

DMC-62 and DMC-63 advertisement.

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