DMC-59 Samurai Ambitious

DMC-59 Samurai Ambitious

Translation: Samurai Ambitious
Set Gallery: DMC-59 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: April 24, 2010
Civilization(s): Fire / Nature
Main Race(s): Armored Dragon / Giant / Samurai
Next Set: DMC-60 Eternal Death
Previous Set: DMC-58 Mad Rock Chester
Block: Psychic Shock PS

Samurai Ambitious is the 59th DMC pack in the OCG.


It was released alongside DMC-60 Eternal Death as part of the Entry Deck 2010 series.

It features Shobu, Bolmeteus Musha Dragon, Bazagaberg "Hayate" Dragon and Ryoma Giant on the cover.


The deck uses Nature cards such as Faerie Life or Living Lithograph in order to summon the more expensive creatures such as Bolmeteus "Kensei" Dragon, Bazagaberg "Hayate" Dragon or Ryoma Giant early, swarming the field with high-power creatures.


Fire Fire Civilization: 20

Nature Nature Civilization: 20


DMC-59 and DMC-60 set advertisement

DMC-59 and DMC-60 set advertisement

DMC-59 and DMC-60 advertisement.

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