DMC-57 The God Kingdom


Translation: The God Kingdom
Set Gallery: DMC-57 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: November 21, 2009
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Nature
Main Race(s): God
Next Set: DMC-58 Mad Rock Chester
Previous Set: DMC-56 The Samurai Legend

The God Kingdom is the 57th DMC pack in the OCG.


It contains 40 cards and it was released alongside The Samurai Legend.

It is focused on the God Link keyword of Aku, Ultimate God and Zen, Transcendent God.

Mikado Kozuki is featured on the cover with Miraculous Snare, Dolgeza, Veteran of Hard Battle, Saga, the Almighty Creator, Zen, Transcendent God, Aku, Ultimate God, Shaman Totem and Earth Eternity Gate.


Light Light Civilization: 4

Water Water Civilization: 7

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 6

Nature Nature Civilization: 10

LightWater Light and Water: 1

LightNature Light and Nature: 5

WaterDarkness Water and Darkness: 3

WaterNature Water and Nature: 2

DarknessNature Darkness and Nature: 2


The God Kingdom Strategy Guide

Tutorial on how to play the Deck.

DMC-56 and DMC-57 set advertisement

DMC-56 and DMC-57 set advertisement

DMC-56 and DMC-57 advertisement.


  • At the back of the tutorial about how to play the deck, There is a large artwork composing of all the artworks of the cards that appear in the deck. Below the composed artwork reads the following texts:

You went through such hardship and struggle to reach to this peace.
Wipe out all the evil with omnipotent light!
Do not hesitate! Do not be afraid!
You are the genesis of the gods. You are eternal...

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