DMC-38 Castle of Demon


Translation: Castle of Demon
Set Gallery: DMC-38 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: November 23, 2007
Civilization(s): Water / Darkness
Main Race(s): Demon Command / Liquid People
Next Set: DMC-39 Victory Soul
Previous Set: DMC-37 Violence Angel

Castle of Demon is the 38th DMC pack in the OCG.


It is part of the Super Deck Zero series and is based on Kyoshiro Kokujo.

The strong points of this deck are the defenses of Aqua Surfer and Terror Pit, as well as the finisher cards Miraculous Plague, Ballom, Master of Death and Dorballom, Lord of Demons.

Since this deck has lately been out of print, the new cards it introduces: Maxval, Electro-Fuuma and Olgaiza, Dark Demon of the Evil Fortress can be aqcuired in new sets DMC-48 and DMC-68.

While the deck is mostly filled with high-cost creatures, one can consider adapting Bell Hell De Gaul, Footprint of the Reaper in it to turn it into a Continuous Demon-Stration deck.


Water.png Water Civilization: 9

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization: 26

Water.pngDarkness.png Water and Darkness: 5



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