DMC-16 Guardian Blue Deck


Translation: Guardian Blue Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-16 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: August 7, 2004
Civilization(s): Light / Water
Main Race(s): Guardian / Initiate / Liquid People
Mecha Del Sol / Soltrooper
Next Set: DMC-17 Dark Warriors Deck
Previous Set: DMC-15 Eternal Dragons Deck
Set Icon: Dmc14-17symbol

Guardian Blue Deck is the 16th DMC pack released in the OCG.


It was released alongside DMC-14 Crimson Armorloids Deck, DMC-15 Eternal Dragons Deck and DMC-17 Dark Warriors Deck.


Light Light Civilization: 27

Water Water Civilization: 9

LightWater Light and Water: 4

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