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DMC-07 Eternal Insects Deck
増殖! 魂虫エターナル・インセクト デッキ
Translation: Eternal Insects
Growth! Insect Soul Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-07 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: August 2003
Civilization(s): Darkness / Nature
Main Race(s): Brain Jacker / Colony Beetle / Giant Insect
Next Set: DMC-08 Endless Black Hole Deck
Previous Set: DMC-06 Dragon Strikes Deck
Set Icon: Dmc5-8symbol

Eternal Insects is the 7th DMC pack in the OCG.


This set was released simultaneously with the DMC-05 Lightning Thunder Deck, DMC-06 Dragon Strikes Deck, and DMC-08 Endless Black Hole Deck decks.


Contents sorted by Civilizations[]

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 19

Nature Nature Civilization: 21