DMC-01 Shobu's Blaze Deck

DMC-01 Pack

Translation: Shobu's Blaze Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-01 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: 2002
Civilization(s): Fire
Main Race(s): Human / Armorloid / Dragonoid
Next Set: DMC-02 Kokujo's Darkness Deck
Set Symbol: Dmc1-4symbol

Shobu's Blaze Deck is the 1st DMC pack in the OCG, and was released alongside Kokujo's Darkness Deck.


This set has an associated power-up pack, Shobu's Blaze Power-Up Pack.

It has a TCG deck based on it.

It is considered one of the weakest theme decks of all time due to it being completely constructed of Fire Civilization cards (which makes defense, draw and mana acceleration impossible) with only 2 Tornado Flames for Shield Trigger defense (A present-day theme deck usually has around 8 Shield Triggers which are capable of dealing with a wide variety of threats) as well as no way of bringing it's high cost creatures quickly and almost completely consisting of Quasi-Vanilla or Vanilla creatures. In fact, it can be considered worse than a deck that simply lines up a bunch of Blockers as it has no way of defending itself.


Fire Fire Civilization: 40

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