DMC-01 Shobu's Blaze Deck

DMC-01 Pack

Translation: Shobu's Blaze Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-01 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: 2002
Civilization(s): Fire
Main Race(s): Human / Armorloid / Dragonoid
Next Set: DMC-02 Kokujo's Darkness Deck
Set Icon: Dmc1-4symbol

Shobu's Blaze Deck is the 1st DMC pack in the OCG, and was released alongside Kokujo's Darkness Deck.


This set has an associated power-up pack, Shobu's Blaze Power-Up Pack.

It has a TCG deck based on it.


Fire Fire Civilization: 40


  • It is considered one of the weakest theme decks of all time due to it being completely constructed of Fire Civilization cards (which makes defense, draw and mana acceleration impossible) with only 2 Tornado Flames for Shield Trigger defense.
  • A present-day theme deck usually has around 8 Shield Triggers which are capable of dealing with a wide variety of threats) as well as no way of bringing it's high-cost creatures quickly and almost completely consisting of Quasi-Vanilla or Vanilla creatures.
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