DMBD-02 Chronicle Legacy Deck:
Storm Rising!! Dolge's Ninja Art



Translation: Chronicle Legacy Deck: Storm Rising!! Dolge's Ninja Art
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Release Date: August 11th, 2017
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Fire / Nature
Main Race(s): Giant / Shinobi / Earth Eater
Next Set: DMBD-03 Mega-loaded Premium 7 Decks: Come Together!! Blazing J.O.E-kers
Previous Set: DMBD-01 Chronicle Legacy Deck: Alcadeias Requiem

Chronicle Legacy Deck: Chronicle Legacy Deck: Storm Rising!! Dolge's Ninja Art is the 2nd DMBD set in the OCG.


It is a part of the Chronicle Legacy Deck series of Theme Decks.

This deck is based on the Giant race and the Ninja Strike keyword.

Unlike the past Masters Chronicle Decks, cards in the Chronicle Legacy Deck series of Theme Decks are printed in the New Frame.

DMBD-01 and DMBD-02 both include a cloth playmat featuring an illustration of the flagship creature of the deck.

Like previous Chronicle decks, this deck doesn't feature the Block icon for the block they were released.

New Cards:



This deck focuses on the "Shinobi Dolgeza" decktype which involves replenishing the hand with Dolgeza, Veteran of Hard Battle and defending oneself with Shinobis. Analith, Cyber Armor can be summoned in turn 2 and give the player 3 mana, then Kirino Giant can be used to further reduce Dolgeza, Veteran of Hard Battle's cost and Dolgeza replenishes the player's hand. Once the player has 4 Giants, Multiple copies of Dolgeyukimura, Last Ninja can be sent out to finish the opponent and recover lost Shinobis. When the player fails to one-shot the opponent, the Shinobis in the hand will stop all opposing attacks.

Despite this, this deck does not have any trigger resistances by itself, so Rafululu, Sound Faerie can be used as a stopper for Spell Triggers. Additionally, Magnum, Shortshot can become a killer threat against this deck, so spell defense is recommended. Grimoire, Super Magic Book ~Chapter 1~ can allow the player to send out Baiken, Blue Dragon of the Hidden Blade even if Shortshot itself is in the battle zone. Due to the double substitution effect, Shortshot cannot stop Baiken from appearing from a spell. Deathmatch Beetle is recommended to put a halt against meta rushes without any reliable removal and is also a Giant. Trap Giant is also recommended for further defense and Giant support. If the player can afford them and have space, Teranesk, Hard Battling Ancient Dragon can be used to generate mana and search out creatures. Cloud Giant can be used to search out vital cards.

Seeing the success of multiple Shinobi Dolgeza decks over the metagame, it's safe to say that this deck has successfully revived the decktype.


(Cards marked with a ☆ are exclusive to this deck.)

Contents sorted by Civilizations

Light.png Light Civilization: 4

Water.png Water Civilization: 4

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization: 1

Nature.png Nature Civilization: 12

Water.pngFire.png Water and Fire: 1

Water.pngNature.png Water and Nature: 15

Light.pngWater.pngNature.png Light, Water and Nature: 3



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