DM-14 Generate Gear

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Translation: Generate Gear
Reincarnation Saga
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Release Date: June 25, 2005
Next Set: DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear
Previous Set: DM-13 Eternal Phoenix
Block: Reincarnation Saga
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Generate Gear is the 14th booster pack in the OCG.


It introduces the Cross Gear card type and its support and anti-support, creatures and cards that cause either themselves or other creatures to lose power, and enhanced support for decks that specialize in only one civilization.

It also introduces a creature that can Win All Battles.

Shobu, Bolberg Cross Dragon and Final Dragarmor are featured on the pack's cover artwork.


This set introduces the following keyword;

Metamorph (If you have 7 or more cards in your mana zone, this spell/creature gets the following ​Metamorph ability.)
Saver: "RACE" (When one of your "RACE" would be destroyed, you may destroy this creature instead.)


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  • Introduces 5 new races, one for each civilization.
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