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DM-09 Invincible Blood
Dm-09 pack (ocg).jpg
Translation: Invincible Blood
Bonds of Shadow Emperor
Gallery: DM-09 Card Set Gallery (OCG)
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: March 9, 2004
Next Set: DM-10 Eternal Arms
Previous Set: DM-08 Invincible Legend
Block: Fighting Spirit Saga
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Invincible Blood is the 9th booster pack in the OCG.


This set introduces creatures that have 0 base power (anything with 0 power or less is immediately destroyed) and creatures that have abilities that if their attacks aren't blocked.

Petrova, Channeler of Suns is seen on this booster pack illustration.

This set has a TCG equivalent, DM-09 Fatal Brood of Infinite Ruin.


While no new races were introduced for any civilization, several Choose a race spells were included in this set, as well as Petrova, Channeler of Suns who can give +4000 power to any chosen race (with the exception of Mecha Del Sol).


This set features no new keywords.


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