DM-08 Invincible Legend

Dm-08 pack (ocg)

Translation: Invincible Legend
Resurrection of the Superdragon
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Release Date: December 25, 2003
Next Set: DM-09 Invincible Blood
Previous Set: DM-07 Invincible Charge
Block: Fighting Spirit Saga
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Invincible Legend is the 8th booster pack in the OCG.


It focuses on Dragon and Dragon support and anti-support as well as introducing 3 new Dragon races: Earth Dragons, Volcano Dragons, and Zombie Dragons and also a new Mecha Del Sol race.

This set has a TCG equivalent, DM-08 Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos.



This set introduces the following keywords;

Turbo rush (If any of your other creatures broke any shields this turn, this creature gets its ​Turbo Rush ability until the end of the turn.)


Super Rare Super Rare

Very Rare Very Rare

Rare Rare

Uncommon Uncommon

Common Common


DM-08 set advertisement

DM-08 set advertisement

DM-08 advertisement.


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