DM-03 Master of Destruction

Dm-03 pack (ocg)

Translation: Attack of the Super Warriors
Master of Destruction
Gallery: DM-03 Card Set Gallery (OCG)
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Release Date: October 17, 2002
Next Set: DM-04 Challenge of Black Shadow
Previous Set: DM-02 Master of Evolution
Block: Beginner's Block
Set Icon: Dm03symbol

Master of Destruction is the 3rd booster pack in the OCG.


It introduces support for decks that specialize in only one civilization with cards such as Raging Dash-Horn, Angler Cluster, Garkago Dragon or Scratchclaw.

It also introduces a race for each civilization, which are Mecha Thunder, Cyber Cluster, Hedrian, Fire Bird and Giant.

This set has a TCG equivalent, DM-03 Rampage of the Super Warriors.


This set introduces no new keywords.


Super Rare Super Rare

Very Rare Very Rare

Rare Rare

Uncommon Uncommon

Common Common


  • No Super Rares in this set are reprinted at least once.
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