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===[[DMR-11 Episode 3: Ultra Victory Master]]===
===[[DMR-11 Episode 3: Ultra Victory Master]]===
*神聖牙 UK パンク
*[[Ultra Knight Punk, Shentury]]
*無法伝説 カツマスター
*[[Katsumaster, Outrage Victory]]
*錬金魔砲 ロビン・チャンプ
*[[Robin Champ, Orichalcum Wizard]]
*翔帆轟音 グローバ・ライズ
*[[Global Rise, Show Must Go-on]]
*[[Meteorite Ryusei the Flash]]
*灼熱連鎖 テスタ・ロッサ
*[[Testa Rossa, Last Burning]]
*神聖鬼 デトロイト・テクノ
*[[Detroit Techno, Sacred Demon]]
*マントラ教皇 バラモン
*[[Brahmin, Mantra Pope]]
*[[Electraglide, Fallen Left God]]
*[[Metamorphose, Demon Right God]]
*[[Kaiser Prince, Flame Dragon Prince]]
*傀儡のイザナイ メイプルシロップ
*[[Maple Syrup, Izanai's Puppet]]
*[[Faerie Shower]]
== Source ==
== Source ==

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DASH Golden List
DASH ゴールデンリスト

Dash Golden List

Japanese Wiki: 5062

The DASH Golden List is a list of cards that will not be (or previously were not) reprinted until a certain time.


It is applied to most Very Rare, Super Rare and Victory Rare cards between DMR-01 to DMR-11 as well as DMX-04, DMX-05, DMX-06 and DMX-07.

This list contains mostly contains cards with Victory Rare Victory Rare, Super Rare Super Rare and Very Rare Very Rare rarities. It has sometimes included other cards at different rarities.

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