(List of cards designed by D-Suzuki)
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==List of cards designed by D-Suzuki==
==List of cards designed by D-Suzuki==
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D-Suzuki is an artist for the Duel Masters TCG and OCG.

List of cards designed by D-Suzuki

Cards illustrated under the name of "D-Suzuki".

 ■ Aqua Knight
 ■ Arc Bine, the Astounding
 ■ Bomber Doll
 ■ Bone Ripper, Devourer of Bones
 ■ Bouncy Ball Bowler, the Oracle
 ■ Burial Worm, the Burying Insect
 ■ Celestial Arc
 ■ Chief De Baula, Machine King of Mystic Light
 ■ Coiling Vines
 ■ Corteo, Spirit Knight
 ■ Crimson Mega Dragoon
 ■ Cyber Turn A Rusty
 ■ Divine Riptide
 ■ Don Sabote, Mirage
 ■ Elreus, Dead Rhythm Earl
 ■ Exploding Cactus
 ■ Fortress Shell
 ■ Gatling Skyterror
 ■ Gran Gure, Space Guardian
 ■ Gran Siris, Milky Way Guardian
 ■ Hang Worm, Fetid Larva
 ■ Infinite Ingmar, the Mobile Spirit
 ■ Invincible Technology
 ■ Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior
 ■ Laguna, Lightning Enforcer
 ■ Memories of the Planetary Dragon
 ■ Mesai Daguras, Matchless Totem
 ■ Metalbug, Saint Beetle
 ■ Mihail, Celestial Elemental
 ■ Nicolaus, the Spydroid
 ■ Pounding Mammoth, Tusk Divine Soldier
 ■ Promephius Q
 ■ Rafarm, Spirit Knight
 ■ Reviving Vital Horn
 ■ Salvaged Mecha Soldier Kaizuke
 ■ Search Armor Garongar
 ■ Singing Maid Lin Lullaby
 ■ Squawking Lunatron
 ■ Steam Star
 ■ Steel-Turret Cluster
 ■ Sufeeko, Spirit Knight
 ■ Sun of Thunder, Artistic Armor
 ■ Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua
 ■ Tragic Iolite
 ■ Ultimate Soldier Falgen
 ■ Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void
 ■ World Tree, Root of Life
 ■ Zafal Banikis, Spirit Knight

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