サイクル (Saikuru)
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A Cycle is a series of cards that share one or more qualities with each other, usually featured in the same set.


Each booster pack of cards in Duel Masters features at least one or more cycles, usually cards with a similar cost or effect that differs by Civilization. Some cycles are between sets released at the same time, or between sets in the same block.

Due to the massive list of cycles that appear in the history of Duel Masters, the cycles of each block are now separated into individual pages.

DM-series Booster Packs

Beginner's Block

Fighting Spirit Saga

Holy Fist Saga

Reincarnation Saga

Phoenix Saga

God Apex Saga

Sengoku Saga

Divine Evolution Saga

Psychic Shock

DMR-series Booster Packs

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Dragon Saga


Revolution Final

DMRP-series Booster Packs

Duel Masters

Twinpact Series

Gacharange Series

Other Cycles

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