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Cyber Moon
Japanflag.png サイバー・ムーン
Phonetic: Saibā Mūn
Released In: DM-10
Civilization(s): Water
Race Category: Cyber
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Cyber Moon

Cyber Moon is a race of Cyber creature in the Water Civilization.


Japanese cards include ルナ as a prefix for each card name. However, English cards use Lunatron as a suffix instead.

The race tends to feature a bird motif.


They are living fortresses created by the Cyber Lords, and usually resemble bird-like statues. They are anti-dragon weapons and represent the moon, and are the counterparts to the Mecha Del Sol who represent the sun.



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Cards that support Cyber Moons

Support Card: Card Effect:
Crescent Anemone Saver: Cyber Moon



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