Cyber Command
Japanflag サイバー・コマンド
Phonetic: Saibā Komando
Released In: DM-32 Evolution Saga
Civilization(s): Water
Group of Races: Cyber / Command
Japanese Wiki: 3660
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Cyber Command is a race of Cyber and Command creature in the Water Civilization.


The naming scheme of the majority of non-evolution Cyber Commands is "Cyber", followed by a letter, and then a word. This includes;

Some Cyber Commands evolution creatures usually have a name, followed by a letter, which is followed by a title. For example:


All of the Cyber Command creatures feature the Double breaker ability and mainly consist of either Evolution or Ultimate Evolution creatures.

Their evolution mechanic allows them to be evolved from other monster races with "Cyber" such as Cyber Lord, Cyber Moon and Cyber Virus.


Cyber Command's don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures

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