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Cyber Cluster
Japanflag サイバー・クラスター
Tentacle Cluster artwork
Phonetic: Saibā Kurasutā
Released In: DM-03 Master of Destruction
DM-03 Rampage of the Super Warriors
Civilization(s): Water Water
Race Category: Cyber
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Category: Cyber Cluster

Cyber Cluster is a race of Cyber creature in the Water Civilization.


All Cyber Clusters have the word "Cluster" at the end of their names, this is also true with the only evolved Cyber Cluster, Fort Megacluster.


Water's liquid people use the cyber clusters as walking forts. The robotic shellfish look like crabs, shrimps, starfish, and hermit crabs, but you don't want to mistake them for the normal variety. Whenever a cyber cluster gets attacked, it emits bright sparks and supersonic or electromagnetic waves that disrupt enemy attacks and warn the liquid people that danger is near.


Evolution Creatures[]

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Creatures that evolve from Cyber Clusters

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Fort Megacluster Evolution—Put on one of your Cyber Clusters.


Hunter Cluster

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