Crimson Sorge
紅蓮ゾルゲ (Guren Zoruge)
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Crimson Sorge is a combo deck type.


It uses a combo involving Codename Sorge, Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~, Volg Thunder and Game On! Kirifuda Family! to deck out your opponent.

With each of these cards in the battle zone an infinite loop can be formed to deck out your opponent. These combo is performed by the following;

  • Have this creature and Codename Sorge in the battle zone.
  • Play a creature with less than 7000 power and have it battle Crimson Rage with Sorge's effect.
  • Play Game On! Kirifuda Family! with Crimson Rage's effect.
  • Play a creature with 5500 power or less, and have it battle Kirifuda Family, using its power-boosting ability if needed.
  • Game On! Kirifuda Family! awakens into Katta Kirifuda, Curry Bread Master. Since Kirifuda Family awakened, you can play a Hunter that cost 9 or less for Crimson Rage's effect. Play Volg Thunder with Crimson Rage's effect, and choose your opponent's deck.
  • Have Volg Thunder fight Katta Kirifuda. Volg Thunder is destroyed by battle, and returned to the hyperspatial zone.
  • Play Volg Thunder again with Crimson Rage's effect, choose your opponent's deck, and have it fight Katta Kirifuda.
  • Repeat until your opponent's deck is empty.

It usually uses cards from the Water, Fire and Nature civilizations, sometimes using Light for extra defense.

Due to the August 11th, 2012 update of the Hall of Fame, this combo cannot currently be used as Codename Sorge and Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~ may not be placed in the same deck. Time passed and it was deemed safe enough to leave the Combo Hall of Fame on January 30, 2017.

Recommended cards

Recommended card: Reason:
Codename Sorge Key part of combo
Mystery Hippo Free creature for Game On! Katta Kirifuda to destroy.
Dondon Vacuuming Twist Draw and Bounce based on W/F/N
Bolbalzak Ex Serves as a Hunter, as well as featuring as assault
Faerie Life / Seventh Tower Mana Acceleration
Jasmine, Mist Faerie Mana Acceleration
Hyperspatial Faerie Hole Mana Acceleration, as well as summoning psychic creatures needed for combo
Cyber N World Mass card draw after accelerating mana
Eureka Program Turns Cyber N World into Bolbalzak Ex, or Bolbalzak Ex into Crimson Sorge.
Recommended Psychic Creatures: Reason:
Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~ Key part of combo
Volg Thunder Key part of combo
Game On! Kirifuda Family! Key part of combo
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