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クリーチャー (Kurīchā)
The card type of Creature shown under the card image.
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Creature is a card type.


It was introduced in DM-01 and are the most important cards in the game.

They are used to attack your opponent's shields in order to win the game as well as their creatures.

Creatures are summoned into the battle zone by paying their mana cost. They can attack your opponent's creatures, shields or the opponent himself. Breaking all of your opponent's shields and then attacking the opponent is how you win the game.

To attack with a creature, tap it, then choose what it is attacking. You can only attack tapped creatures or an opponent's shield unless effects state otherwise. Once your opponent has no shields left, you need to make one more unblocked attack to win the game.

Each creature has its own power, and it dictates whether it will be able to win the battle or not if it battles another creature. It also has a race, which is vital to certain effects, and important for summoning most evolution creatures.

Creatures that have been summoned usually have summoning sickness and cannot attack in the same turn, with exception to evolution creatures, linked Gods, and creatures with Speed Attacker.

There is no limit to the number of creatures that you can have on your side of the battle zone.

There are various types of Creature cards with different supertypes. They each have different conditions on what's required to put them in the battle zone, and the rules attached to them afterward.

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