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Cosmo Walker
Japanflag.png コスモ・ウォーカー
Phonetic: Kosumo U~ōkā
Released In: DM-14 Generate Gear
Civilization(s): Light
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Cosmo Walker

Cosmo Walker is a race of creature in the Light Civilization.


In the TCG, Cosmo Walkers often have "the Patroller" in their names.

In the OCG, Cosmo Walkers often have "Jun Rei Sha" (じゅんれいしゃ) meaning "Spirit Patroller" in their names.


They are created by the light civilization in order to harness the power of Cross Gears. However, in Disukun, the Patroller's flavor text, they are known as alien creatures from.another world, which contradicts the original explanation, presumably an oversight by the designers.


Cosmo Walkers don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.



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