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Continuous Effect
継続的効果 (Keizoku-teki Kōka)
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Continuous Effect is the effect of changing the characteristic of a card (or a game rule) for a certain period of time.


Cards that give others an ability are often referred to as "Grants". It is the opposite of a "Oneshot Effect".

They are created by spells and triggered abilities, as well as the resolution of an Activated Ability or a Static Ability.

Examples of Continuous Effect

  • Duel Me! - Increasing power and preventing attack. (Resolving a Spell)
  • Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar - Giving "Slayer", "Speed Attacker" and "Destruction Substitution" effect (Resolving Trigger Ability)
  • Totto Pipicchi - Giving "Speed Attacker" (Static Ability)
  • Cocco Lupia - Cost Reduction (Static Ability)

The continuing effect of changing the characteristic has a different range of the cards it influences depending on the type of ability that generate it.

  • In the case of Spells or Trigger Abilities, only the cards that were present at the time of the resolution are affected.
  • In the case of a Static Ability, the timing of cards affected is not a fixed range, and any cards can be effected during the duration of the ability.

For example, Tailspin Slash only gives the Speed Attacker ability to creatures in the battle zone when you cast it. This is also true for Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar that only gives the abilities to creatures in the battle zone at the time the Trigger Ability resolves. However, Sky Jet can give the ability to creatures that enter the battle zone after it's played.

The continuous effect that refers to a card type is ended if the object within the range of the effect is changed.

  • Q.E.D. Plus, Final Dragon Logic was affected by Prin Prin, the Victorious. It then became a fortress instead of leaving the battle zone when destroyed. If it dragsolutions back into its Q.E.D Plus side, it would be able to attack.
  • If a creature that had summoning sickness had its attack restricted by Prin Prin, the Victorious was sealed, but its seal was then removed, its considered to have been recovered from the battle zone, and is able to attack.
  • Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe was given Speed Attacker by Katsuemon Buster, Blade 3. It then lost the ability after it became a Fortress using its Dragon Evade ability. If it dragsolutions again this turn, it would be unable to attack.

Objects are treated as new objects when they move between zones. Therefore, even if an object represented by the same card is put in and out of zone, the continuous effect which refers to that object before the card moved can't refer to the object after the moment.

  • Goemonkey! Snake-Handed Boss: If you summoned a creature that was able to be Mana Summoned, you would be unable to summon it again,
  • Emergency Typhoon / Flesh-to-Spirit Conversion: If you discard a card from your hand that you drew with a card such as Emergency Typhoon after casting Flesh-to-Spirit Conversion, it won't be put into your mana zone. If you discarded a card that was already in your hand, it is put into your mana zone.

Cases where you can't refer to a player doesn't exist unless that player was to lose the game. Therefore, the continuous effect that affects a player always remains valid during the duration.

  • Even if Galamuta, Matchless Fear Lord is removed from the battle zone, neither player can use "shield triggers", even if the shield is added after the Galamuta attack.
  • Even if it's a spell added to the shields after using Rafululu, Sound Faerie or Miracle Stop, it can't be cast during the turn.
  • Even if it's a creature that costs 7 or less left the zone after the Final Revolution of Miradante Twelve, Time Pope, it can't be summoned.
  • Even if it's a D2 Field that is put into the battle zone without being expanded, it can't use the Denjera Switch ability during the effect of World Stop.
  • If Reality Void is active, then Upheaval can't be used to move cards from the mana zone to the hand.

A single ability may have multiple effect ranges.

  • Shuff, Eureka places a continuous effect "on your opponent" that prevents spells being cast, while also affecting "your opponents creatures" themselves from attacking or blocking.

Part of the continuing effects is the Substitution Effect.

Continuous effects that affect rules that aren't substitution effects are applied from the moment they are played, but the substitution effect is only applied when the substitution event occurs during the duration.

When there are 2 continuous effects that "prevent an action" and "permit an action" overlap, the ability that prevents takes precedence, regardless of the order the effects were created.

Note: Diamond State only disable the continuous effects that prevents attacks (such as Summoning Sickness), and don't allow attacks if other cards stop you from attacking (Nariel, the Oracle).

Effects and Abilities




From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 608. Continuous Effect
    • 608.1. A continuous effect modifies characteristics of cards, or affects players or the rules of the game, for a fixed or indefinite period. A continuous effect may be generated by the resolution of a spell or ability, or by the static ability of a card. If there are multiple continous effects, they are applied at the same time.
    • 608.2. A continuous effect may be generated by the resolution of a spell or ability.
      • 608.2a A continuous effect generated by the resolution of a spell or ability lasts as long as stated by the spell or ability creating it (such as “until end of turn”). If no duration is stated, it lasts until the end of the game.
      • 608.2b If a resolving spell or ability that creates a continuous effect contains a variable, the value of that variable is determined only once, on resolution.
    • 608.3. A continuous effect may be generated by the static ability of a card.
      • 608.3a A continuous effect generated by a static ability isn’t “locked in”; it applies at any given moment to whatever its text indicates.
      • 608.3b The effect applies at all times that the card generating it is in the appropriate zone.

        Example: A card with the static ability "Each light creature gets +1000 power" generates an effect that continuously gives +1000 to each light creature in the battle zone. If a creature becomes a light creature, it gets this bonus; a creature that stops being light loses it.

      • 608.3c Continuous effects that modify characteristics of cards do so simultaneously with the card being put into the appropriate zone. They don’t wait until the card is in the appropriate zone and then change it. Because such effects apply as the card is put into the appropriate zone, they are applied before determining whether the card will cause an ability to trigger when it is put into the appropriate zone.

        Example: If you have a creature with the static ability "Each light creatures has blocker" in the battle zone, each light creature has blocker as they are put into the battle zone, and they lose the blocker ability as they leave the battle zone. Since they do not get blocker before being put into the battle zone, they can't be put into the battle zone by such cards as Heaven's Gate, for example.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 608. 継続的効果
    • 608.1. 継続的効果は一定あるいは不定の期間カードの特性を変更したり、プレイヤーやゲームのルールに影響を及ぼしたりします。継続的効果は、呪文能力や能力の解決、あるいはカードの常在型能力によって生成されます。複数の継続的効果がある場合、それらは同時に適用されます。
    • 608.2. 継続的効果は, 呪文能力や能力の解決によって生成されます.
      • 608.2a 呪文能力や能力の解決によって生成された継続的効果は, それを生成したカードや能力に指示された期間(「ターンの終わりまで」など)継続します.期間が明記されていない場合は, ゲーム終了時まで継続します.
      • 608.2b 呪文能力や能力の解決によって発生する継続的効果は, その継続的効果が発生した時点で影響を受けるカードが決定され, それ以降は変更されません.(これは, 常在型能力からの継続的効果とは異なります.) 例.「自分の火のクリーチャーはターン終了時までスピード・アタッカーを得る」という効果は, それが解決した時点で火のクリーチャーであれば, それに修整を与えます.たとえ後で 文明が変わっても, その修整を失うことはありません.また, その後でバトルゾーンに出た 火のクリーチャーや, 文明が火に変わったりしたクリーチャーには影響を与えません.
      • 608.2c 呪文能力や能力によって, 変数を含む継続的効果が発生した場合, その変数の値は解決時にのみ定められ, その後で変化することはありません.
    • 608.3. 継続的効果は, カードの常在型能力によって生成されます.
      • 608.3a 常在型能力によって生み出される継続的効果は「固定」されません.その文章で示されるもの全てに対して常に適用されます.
      • 608.3b この効果は, それを生み出すカードが対応するゾーンにある間, 常に適用します.例.「すべての光のクリーチャーのパワーは+1000」という常在型能力を持つカードは, バトルゾーンにある光のクリーチャーのそれぞれにパワー+1000 を継続的に与える 効果を生みだします.クリーチャーが光になったらこの修整を得ることができ, 光でなくなったらこの修整を失います.
      • 608.3c カードの特性を修整する継続的効果は, そのカードが対応するゾーンに入ると同時に特性を修整します.カードが対応するゾーンに入る前に修正されているわけでも, ゾーンに出るのを待ち, それから修整するのでもありません.この類の効果はカードが対応するゾーンに出る時点で適用されるので, カードが対応するゾーンに出たときの能力が誘発するかどうかを決定するよりも前に適用されます.例.「すべての光のクリーチャーはブロッカーを得る」という常在型能力を持つクリーチャーがバトルゾーンにある場合, 光のクリーチャーはブロッカーを持った状態でバトルゾーンに出ます.ブロッカーを持たないクリーチャーとしてバトルゾーンに出て, その後でブロッカーを得るわけではありません.逆に出る前にブロッカーを得ているわけではないので, ヘブンズ・ゲートなどでバトルゾーンに出すことはできません.