Voice Actor 村川 梨衣
Rie Murakawa

Connie is a character in the Duel Masters King season of the Duel Masters Anime.


She has golden hair shaped like a fox's ear, and wears purple glasses. She also wears red lipstick. She is around 25 years old, as in Episode 42 when she recalled a happening from 20 years ago, she claimed she was "about 5".

Connie used to live with her grandfather, who built oni statues, and as such she became fascinated with onis.


Connie is a flirtatious young woman to Abaku and often serves as comedic relief, unlike Abaku who was more involved in serious scenes. She also has a odd sense of humor, having been toying with Bolts using the premise that Abaku will let him in by instructing him to do ridiculous acts in spite that his loss streak means that he will clearly be eliminated, and imagining that Abaku wants to turn Joe's party into an idol unit crossdressing as the characters from Secret × Warrior Phantomirage! (The same unit depicted in Himitsu no Finale!).

Upon touching Abaku's spear, she received the power of the oni and was overjoyed. However, she showed anger when Joe refused to do the same and chased him. During her duel with Joe, she came to the realization that she in fact admired her grandfather and not the oni, for he stuck to his beliefs and kept sculpting oni statues, regardless of what others said. After Joe defeats her, she leaves Abaku's castle. However, she resumes her duties of reporting the duels, claiming "I had just quit the oni."


Duel Masters King

She is a TV show reporter and secretary for Abaku Onifuda, and does most of the invitation and announcement work for him.

While she was an ordinary reporter, she has fallen in love with his charisma (expressing [鬼スゴイです〜! "You are so great~!").


She uses a Darkness and Fire civilization deck based on the Demonio and Onifuda Kingdom races, which use the Onitime ability word.


Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 42 Joe Kirifuda Loss Onitime! Onifuda Kingdom

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