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コンセプト (Konseputo)
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Concept is a term for an idea of a deck type.


This forms a basis for Deck Building.

Example: Concept of Hydro Hurricane

When building a deck, its important to not lose sight of the basic concept. If multiple concept are forced together, they can often become a junk deck.

The word concept essentially just means an "abstract and general idea".

  • In Japanese, its often used to mean "theme" or "basic philosophy".

When deciding upon a concept, its best to pursue what makes that card unique that you can only do with that card. For example, if you want to cast spells For No Cost, you can use Justice, Elemental Left God if they cost 6 or less. Bolshack Ulpheus, Holy Dragon and Thunder Moon, the Enlightened can be used to cast any spell, but require a specific evolution source that must be built around.