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Complete Upgrade
(Kanzen Jōi Gokan)
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Complete Upgrade refers to cards that are considered to be strictly better than other cards.


This can be in terms of effect (Often same or stronger), cost (same or lower) and power (same or higher). They also always have the same race as their complete downgrade counterparts as races can often cause a creature to be undermined by effects such as VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura".

As the game ages, Power Creep will begin and cards will start to outclass other cards in terms of usefulness. Complete downgrade cards are completely useless in competitive play, so some players often hate it when their favorite card was outclassed by a new one (Such as in Fighter Dual Fang's case as Fighter Dual Fang is a fan favorite).

Twinpact cards with a creature side strictly better than another non-twinpact creature are considered a complete upgrade. This is also true Twinpact cards with a spell side identical to another spell card are also considered a complete upgrade.