• Come On Victory is not affected by the Hall of Fame restrictions or by the maximum limit of 4 same cards in the deck. You can add any card from the Episode 2 or Episode 3 booster pack, for example, Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon or Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny from a DMX-12 Black Box Pack booster pack.
  • Q: If you choose one of them and add it to your hand, will it not exceed the limit of cards in the deck?
    • A: Since the limit number of 40 cards is only checked at the beginning of the game, there is no problem even if the number of cards increases due to the effect of Come On Victory.
  • Q: What happens if one of the selected cards is a Psychic Creature?
  • Q: When using Come On Victory during an official tournament, what happens to the added cards after the game is over?
    • A: Before the next game, move the added cards to the collection and limit your deck to 40 cards.

Come On Victory
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