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無色むしょく (Mushoku)
Zero.png / J.png
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Colorless cards are cards that don't have any of the 5 monocolored civilizations.


They first appeared in the Episode 2 block in DMR-05 Episode 2: Golden Age, 10 years after the games release with the Zero Civilization.

These cards have a white and grey based Card Frame. Unlike cards with a monocolored civilization, there is no civilization watermark behind the text of the card. However, they do use Zero.png and J.png as their Mana Number.

The first appearance of Colorless as a gameplay characteristic written on a card was seen in DMR-07 Episode 2: Golden Dragon on Destiny Ryusei of Fate and Niyare.

While monocolored cards need to have one more colored of the same civilization to play them, that isn't required for colorless cards. This makes it possible to use them in any decktype regardless of the deck color.

Until the release of DMX-13 White Zenith Pack, colorless creatures all had a Super Rare rarity.

While themed on Colorless cards from Magic: The Gathering, many other Trading Card Games use colorless or "attribute-less" cards.

They later appeared again with the Jokers Civilization. Each of these cards have a J.png as their Mana Number, and must have the Jokers race.


  • For a full list of cards that support Colorless cards, see here.


You are not required to tap colorless cards in the mana zone to summon a colorless creature or cast a colorless spell, and colorless cards do not fulfill civilization requirements for any non-colorless card.

Specific Rulings

  • My opponent has an Alphadios, Lord of Spirits in their battle zone. Can I summon a colorless creature?
    • No. It has to be a Light creature.
  • When my opponent summons Ballom, Master of Death, are my colorless creatures destroyed?
    • Yes. colorless creatures are not Darkness creatures.
  • My opponent summons Aqua Wavester. Is my colorless creature returned to my hand?
    • Yes. A colorless creature is not a multicolored card.
  • Does Faerie Miracle need a colorless card in my mana zone?
    • No. Colorless cards do not change how effects such as Faerie Miracle's work, as colorless is considered to be colorless and not one of the 5 monocolored civilizations.
  • Can I retrieve a colorless card in my mana zone using Pixie Life when it gets other civilizations due to an effect, such as via Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie?
    • No, because colorless is treated as "No civilizations" and a civilization is added into the card in this case, so the "colorless" in the card is lost.
  • Can I remove a seal from a colorless civilization creature by putting a colorless civilization command into the battle zone?
    • No, you can't, because colorless is not treated as a real civilization. You can only remove seals from colorless civilization creatures by a card ability.
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