Cocoro Yumemi
夢実ゆめみ ココロ
Civilization(s) LightLight
Family Dai "Papa" Yumemi (Father)
Youka "Mama" Yumemi (Mother)
Teru Yumemi (Brother)
Voice Actor 豊嶋真 千子
Machiko Toyoshima

Cocoro Yumemi was first introduced in the Duel Masters Flash season of the Duel Masters Anime.


She is Teru Yumemi's older sister. Always being full of vigor, they are often quarreling with each other. She is a grade 3 student and a Level 24 duelist. She became the Number 1 duelist on her first day at school by defeating Chishio in a "Creature Battle Duel" .


Cocoro uses a Light Civilization deck.

Before her duel with Kenshiro Kukami, the strongest card she had was Algros Crusos, Super Divine Dragon.

After she won a training duel against Rei, Kenshiro handed a new card for her to use, Supernova Venus la Saint Mother.

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