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クラッチ (Kuratchi)
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Clutch is an informal term for a player being in an inferior game state to the other player.


It commonly refers to cards that work best when you have less shields, such as Miraculous Meltdown. Some strategies such as "Hirameki Drain" (which uses Hirameki Program and Ghastly Drain) rely on state for cards such as Gabriella, Holy Princess.

Some cards affect your other creatures in the battle zone such as Melania, Channeler of Suns.

  • There are cards such as DNA Spark and the Revenge Chance ability word that work in similar ways.
  • Although not an official ability, it was recognized in CoroCoro Comic for the first time during DM-07.
  • There are also abilities that can be known as "Reverse Clutch" that can be used when your opponent is inferior, such as Lucky Ball. These cards can be used in Beatdown strategies.
  • Later abilities related to shields were turned into Keywords such as Revolution on the Revolutionary race which triggered if you controlled 0 or 2 shields, as well as the Invader race commonly having abilities that triggered if your opponent had 2 or less shields.
  • Cards such as Ghost Clutch and Zenith Clutch Destiny are unrelated to this term.