Civilization(s) WaterWater
Affiliation Duel Masters Land
Voice Actor 菅原正志
Masashi Sugawara
Signature Card(s) Adamski, S-Rank Space

Chuu-yan was first introduced in the Versus Revolution season of the Duel Masters Anime.

He was a part of the secret society of Duel Masters Land after it's renewal.


A small, black alien with a rocket on his waist that is held hands by 2 men in black. The two men in black are government operatives who were sent to monitor aliens, and they join him when he is eating and taking a bath. When dueling, the men in black instruct him how to duel. It is unknown if he is actually controlling the men in black, or the men in black were employed by Duel Masters Land along with Chuu-yan. He says "Cyatoru" (A reference to Cattle Mutilation by aliens) at the end of his words.


He is an alien who is born on earth. He has never saw outer space, and was raised by aliens in downtown. The generation of his grandfather invaded earth, but he was captured by humans and his life will be destined to be captured by humans, in spite of him wanting to conquer earth for his grandfather. He has been recruited by the Duema Land President via facefile, a parody of Facebook.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He was the second invader that Katta and co. encounters in phase 2 of Duel Masters Land. When Katta and co. entered his stage, he kidnaps Katta and co. using men in black. Then Duewanko appears suddenly and fights him. He amassed Water commands and sent out Adamski, S-Rank Space to remove Duewanko's deck until he had 4 cards, but on the next turn Duewanko sent out Ultra Star, Revolution Holy Dragon and 2 Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elementals which then sent out Rockinstar, Time Dragon and Miradante, Time Revolution for a "Timestop Duel" and he was defeated.


He uses a Water Invader deck based on Adamski, S-Rank Space.


  • He is actually bald and his black scalp is actually a piece of edible seaweed.
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