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Chump Block
(Chanpu Burokku)
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A Chump Block is a slang term for the situation in which a player blocks a powerful creature with a creature with much lower power, preventing them from losing a strong creature or shield by sacrificing a small advantage.


The following is an example of a chump block;

  • A Romanov Kaiser NEX, the Super Enlightened attacks an opponent which would result in all his shields being broken and would easily make him lose the game, as even if Romanov Kaiser NEX gets removed by a spell with a Shield Trigger ability, another creature may be put into the battle zone and give the opponent the final blow, making him lose the game. In this situation, the opponent blocks the Romanov Kaiser NEX with a Webius, the Patroller, a 1000 power blocker with no significant advantage. The Webius is destroyed and the Romanov Kaiser NEX fails to break any shields and thus prolonging the players survival.

This is generally used as a last-ditch attempt to prevent a game loss or in order to buy time for something else, such as to summon a more powerful creature later on, (For example, sacrificing small creatures with blocker in order to buy time to summon something such as Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits) or to trigger a put-into-graveyard effect such as Jil Warka, Time Guardian's powerful creature-tapping ability.

There are currently several methods to circumvent being chump blocked. They include;

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