Choco Crunch

Choco Crunch

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Release Date: January 27, 2014

Choco Crunch is a brand of chocolate confectionery that has various anime-related promotions.


Each packet of the candy is packaged with a random Duel Masters promotional card.


Special Foil

Monthly Cards

Number: Name: Event:
P68/Y12 Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon First Sunrise
P69/Y12 Prin, Domineering Princess Valentines Day
P77/Y12 Bronze-Arm Tribe March Equinox
P75/Y12 Necrodragon Abayo Shabayo Cherry Blossoms at Night
P76/Y12 Cocco Lupia Children's Day
P73/Y12 Miele, Vizier of Lightning Rainy Season
P67/Y12 I'll ask! Katsudon Marine Day
P78/Y12 Taiga, the Warrior Savage Suikawari (Watermelon Splitting)
P71/Y12 Pearljam, Faerie Left God Viewing the Moon
P70/Y12 Izumo Halloween
P74/Y12 Qurian Falling leaves
P72/Y12 Strokes, Explosive Right God Christmas


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