紅騎 チシオ
Civilization(s) FireFire.png NatureNature.png
Voice Actor 陶山 章央
Akio Suyama

Chishio was first introduced in the Duel Masters Flash season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Chishio is a Level 25 duelist and is the Number 1 "Creature Battle Duelist" in the whole school. On the day that Teru and Cocoro newly joined the school, his situation changed. He managed to easily defeat Teru but then he realised that Teru is just a level 8 "Creature Battle Duelist" who easily got defeated.

He faced off against the real Number 1 duelist Cocoro, who told him that she is Teru's twin sister. He was then defeated in a Creature Battle Duel by her.


In his first appearance he used a Fire Civilization deck, however after losing against Teru he realised that he is better in utilizing mana and changed to the Nature Civilization.

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