(not to be confused with the race Chimera)

Chimeras are a group of duelists who appeared in the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.

List of Members


They live together like a family and follow the Darkness Civilization. They are being led by their clan leader, Kimera.

Their clan symbol is the symbol of the civilization; Darknesssmall. They each wear masks based on this symbol.

The strongest duelist of the clan after Kimera, and also the youngest was Kokujo. They used to treat him as a family and as their clan's pride as well, so they have nicknamed their best duelist as "Shinigami" (in Japanese) or "Reaper" (in English).

The clan was destroyed after losing against Zakira. The only member left was their youngest best duelist Kokujo who was spared by Zakira as he thought he was too young and had also seen his own mother the clan leader losing against him.

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