(For the clan from the Duel Masters TV-Series see Chimeras)
Japanflag キマイラ
Phonetic: Kimaira
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Darkness
Japanese Wiki: 88
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Chimera is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


In the TCG, creatures have "Giga" in their names as a prefix.
In the OCG, creatures have "Giga" (ギガ) in their names as a prefix.
In the TCG, evolution creatures have "Phantasmal Horror Giga-" as a prefix.
In the OCG, evolution creatures have "Ultra Phantom Beast" (超幻獣) as a prefix.

Evolution Creatures also have an ominous humanoid female face as a part of their body.


Chimeras are one by-product of the Dark Lord's bionic experiments. They are deformed creatures, a complex amalgam of many beings, with wildlife as the prototype.

Chimeras protect themselves with fangs, poison, or protruding bones. They have no eyes and are unable to reproduce. Any special abilities vary naturally from creature to creature depending on their ancestry.


Creatures that evolve from Chimeras

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate Vortex evolution
1x Merfolk + 1x Chimera.
Phantasmal Horror Gigazald 1x Chimera
Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal 1x Chimera
Phantomach, the Gigatrooper 1x Chimeras or Armorloids.
■ Each of your other Chimeras and Armorloids in the battle zone gets +2000 power and has "double breaker".




  • The race Chimera from the Kaijudo franchise is based on this race.
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