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Charmilia, the Enticer
りょうようせいチャミリア (Charmilia, Fascination Faerie)
Charmilia, the Enticer
Civilization: Nature Nature
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 4
Race: Snow Faerie
English Text:

Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap it to use its Tap ability.

Tap Search your deck. You may take a creature from your deck, show that creature to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Japanese Text:

■ このクリーチャーで攻撃する代わりに、タップして次のTap能力を使ってもよい。

Power: 3000
Flavor Texts: "Hmm. Flurry or blizzard?" (DM-06)
雪国には人を惑わす妖精がいるという。 (DM-06)
「ドラゴン様に私たちの願いが届きますように。」 ─Charmilia, the Enticer (DMC-15)
あんたもあたしのために戦いな! ─Charmilia, the Enticer (DMX-09)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Jason
Other Card Information: