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特性とくせい (Tokusei)
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Category: Characteristic

Characteristics are specific attributes of card information.


This includes the following:

Characteristic is a rule term that was defined after the God Apex Saga. 特性 (Characteristic) is however only referred to in the Reminder Text of the God Link abilities (including Left God Link and Right God Link) indicating how the linked creature shares the cost, power and effect of each creature linked together.

Characteristics are not changed by reprinting a card. Victory Rare and Heroes Card are not included in the characteristics, as the may change after being reprinted.

  • Mr. Matsumoto refers to Heroes Cards, reducing their mana cost. This creates a situation where it can support a card that has the same as another, but the other card may not be supported if it was another printed edition.
  • Victory is the first case where part of a category (rarity) is referred.

If Twinpact is mentioned in card text, it refers to a card that has a Creature half on top, and a spell half on the bottom.

Whether a card is tapped, linked, or on the a/b side of a psychic creature isn't treated as a characteristic. This also includes whether a creature has been crossed by a cross gear, or a shield has been fortified by a castle.

Attention must be given when an object is composed of multiple cards, or when a single card has various important characteristics.

  • Evolution Creatures and Evolution Cross Gear only use the characteristics of the top card. However cards such as Super Terradragon Variant Vades.
  • A God characteristics are obtained by summing up each of the linked creatures.
  • Psychic Creatures in the battle zone only have characteristics for the currently facing side.
  • Psychic Cells don't have any characteristics other than the Supertype of "psychic cell". The other characteristics such as Mana Cost and Card Name are only referred to when they are linking to form the Psychic Super Creature.

Characteristics vary depending on the card type. For example, a creature also has a power whereas a spell doesn't. A psychic or dragheart creature don't feature a mana number due to how they are put into the battle zone.