Chain Grasper Loop
(Chein Gurasupa Rupu)
Japanese Wiki: 9573

Chain Grasper Loop is a Mono-Nature Loop deck type.


It focuses on the ability of Great Grasper to bring out Sasoris Rage, Terror Dragon Edge equipped with Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan and make a continuous attacking loop to deck-out the opponent. Chainrex, Super Chainkind plays an important role as without it the loop wouldn't possibly start.

It is actually very fast and can loop as fast as in turn 5 or 6 due to the powerful mana acceleration, but not as fast as Goemonkey Loop. It also has some rush resistance provided by Gyogyou and Silver Scoop lockdowns as well as Puchohenza, Mia Moja being an anti rush card.

However, Unlike most other loops since it relies on milling deck-out strategies, it cannot get around Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler without breaking shields with multiple triple breakers. It is immune to Onikamas, Strange Flow however due to the bounce activating after the end of the loop, but Senno, Brainwash can be troublesome without actually removing it with a Silver Scoop or Great Grasper.

While it was ones never seen, it has currently returned to the meta due to Mystery Disaster allowing it to loop earlier, Superior Silkid for removal and Na Turalgo Danger / Natural Trap for defense. Shizenseijin's mass boost and recovery along with other Power 12000 or more support were also incorporated in it as well, and Lion King's Emblem is used as a defense due to it being consisted of virtually all creatures.

How to loop

Have a Chainrex, Super Chainkind in hand, 2 Great Graspers, a Sasoris Rage, Terror Dragon Edge and 2 Chainrex, Super Chainkind in mana. The loop starts as soon as Chainrex is summoned. The new version is basically the same thing, although several new reinforcements will allow it to loop quicker and putting Superior Silkid into the mana zone will allow you to send out Chainrex or other loop parts.

  1. Summon Chainrex and put Grasper from mana to battle zone on top of Chainrex. Grasper calls out Chainrex when attacking.
  2. Put a Grasper into the battle zone on top of the attacking Grasper using Chainrex's effect.
  3. Put Grasper into the mana zone.
  4. Call out a cost 6 creature like Myscu, Mirage using Chainrex and evolve it into Grasper.
  5. Call out a Grasper with the effect of the Second Chainrex and evolve in on top of the cost 6 creature (Which is now Grasper).
  6. Call out another Chainrex from the mana zone with Grasper attacking.
  7. Evolve a Grasper on top of the attacking grasper then put it into mana using its effect.
  8. Call out a Sasoris Rage with Chainrex's effect and equip it with Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan, then call out Grasper and evolve it on top of sasoris rage.
  9. Put the Chainrex to mana using Grasper's effect.
  10. Fanbai mills the top card of the opponent's deck, then call out Chainrex from mana.
  11. Repeat 7-10 until the opponent has no more cards in his deck or surrenders.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Chainrex, Super Chainkind Main card to start the loop. Brings out the other parts of the loop from mana zone.
Great Grasper Send Chainrex, Super Chainkind to mana zone and continue bringing out Myscu, Mirage when attacking.
Jasmine, Mist Faerie
Stepple, Cherry Blossom Wind Faerie
Early mana acceleration.
Teranesk, Hard Battling Ancient Dragon Great hand advantage and mana acceleration.
Myscu, Mirage Sends Great Grasper back to the mana zone. Allows the continuing of the loop.
Mystery Cube (Hall of Fame) Shield Trigger. High chance to bring out a high cost creature from the top of your deck into the battle zone.
Sasoris Rage, Terror Dragon Edge Draguner equipped with Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan in order to deck-out the opponent.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Treasure Map Low cost spell. Search for key creatures.
Faerie Gift (Hall of Fame) Strong cost reducer. Helps start the loop earlier.
Kuromame Danshaku / Hakumai Danshaku Mana Recovery + Boost.
Superior Silkid Mass removal.
Kabutorial Kuga / Mystery Disaster Allows faster activation of the loop with some bit of luck.
Na Turalgo Danger / Natural Trap Defense.
Lion King's Emblem Defense due to the high amount of nature creatures.
Bonto Plantbo Mass boost due to the high amount of Power 12000 or more creatures.
Kolencoco Tank Adds 12000 power or more creatures to hand and places Sasoris Rage in mana zone.
Silver Scoop
Ragmal, Spirit Knight
Removal for unchoosable creatures. Can make a pseudo-lockdown in combo with Gyogyou, Revolutionkind
Gyogyou, Revolutionkind Defense purposes. Powerful revolution 2 cost reducing effect. Locks the opponent with Silver Scoop or Ragmal, Spirit Knight.
Kurikuri Igarazu Send key cards from the graveyard to the mana zone.
Deathmatch Beetle Counter against cost-trample creatures.
Gaia Giant Shield Trigger removal. Can also perform in the loop as a secondary Myscu, Mirage.
Sanvuakka, Earth Attack Shield Trigger nature command. Defense purposes against weenies.
Euru=Bucca, Antique Dragon Ruins
Cocoon Maneuver
Shield Trigger with strong removal. Choose wisely in terms of the environment the deck is played.
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja (Hall of Fame) Ninja Strike 4. Protector from imminent attacks.

Recommended Draghearts

Recommended cards: Reason:
Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk (Hall of Fame) Dragheart Weapon. Easy way to Dragsolution it and use its Dragheart Fortress form Boaropagos, Evil Emperor Ruins to spam Silver Scoop or Ragmal, Spirit Knight.
Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan Equipped with Sasoris Rage, Terror Dragon Edge it can deck-out the opponent.
Judaina, Jurassic Hammer Allows the Mana Summon of Dragons. Its Dragheart Creature form Saurupio, Ancient King is used for defense purposes.
Judaiou, Jurassic Jungle Defense purposes against weenies. Its Dragheart Creature form Sauzaurupio, Terror Ancient King is also used as defense.
Jurapil, Egg Hammer Mana acceleration issues.
Proto Gigaheart, Invincible Sword Creature saver that can turn into a Double breaker.
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle Gives speed attacker to a creature.
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church Freeze one of the opponent's creatures.
Greene, Dragon Soul Ruins Mana Acceleration.
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