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Certified Judge Test
(Nintei Jajji Kentei)
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Certified Judge Tests are examinations carried out irregularly by Takara Tomy to appoint Duel Masters Judges.


As the size of the Official Tournament and Grand Prix event increases, more judges were required for tournament regulation.

A Duel Masters judge should meet the following requirements.

  • They strive to provide an environment in which players can concentrate with peace as a fair third party.
  • A person who follows the official rules of Duel Masters and becomes an important Brand player.
  • Those who take responsibilities for their actions and attitudes at official events.

As there is no update, when the judge certification is acquired, it's treated as permanent. However, if a Judge is to be found intentionally violating these rules repeatedly, the certification may be cancelled. As mentioned above, a gentlemanly attitude should be kept at all times.

If chosen as a certified judge, they may be chosen to help judge large events such as a Certified Grand Prix.

As a certificated judge, they are given a judge license card with a full name and badge. Successful judges are given the title of "Lv 1. Bronze Judge", with promotions to Silver and Gold being attainable.

During the 1st and 2nd wave of successful applicants, the Holiday Card of Forbidden New Year was mailed out. However, after 2017 these type of cards will be presented in person at the GP event rather than mailing.

List of Certified Judge examinations

#: Entry Time: Presentation Result: Date of Exam: Examination Hall: Announcement: Remarks:
1 2015/12/18 ~ 2016/01/15 Early February 03/06 Tokyo Bonds Katsushika-ku, Tokyo Late March For DMGP 2nd
2 2016/07/15 ~ 07/31 Early August 09/03 Osaka Mid September For DMGP 3rd
3 2016/12/15 ~ 2017/01/10 Late January 2/19 Tokyo Early March For DMGP 4th
4 2017/04/13 ~ 2017/04/25 Early May 5/21 Fukouka Early June For Super CS
5 2017/05/23 ~ 2017/06/01 06/18 Osaka 06/28 For DMGP 5th