Ceremony of Zeron
零龍ゼーロン (Zēron no Gi)
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Ceremony of Zeron is a Zeron ceremony card type released in DMRP-12.


It is exclusive to one card, Zerom, Origin of Destruction.

Similar to the Forbidden card types before it such as FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~, this card starts the game in the battle zone. By fulfilling various conditions, you able to link various Zeron Nebula to it. When Zerom is linked to 4 Zeron Nebula, you may flip it over to its Zeron Creature side, Zeron.

  • Like FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~, this card is not considered as part of the main deck and is counted independently from the 40 cards.
Zerom, Origin of Destruction
Darkness / Ceremony of Zeron

■ At the start of the game, put 4 different Zeron Nebula into the battle zone without linking them to this card.

■ At the start of the game, your opponent draws another card.

■ Zeron cards can't leave the battle zone.

■ Zeron Birth: When you link 4 Zeron Nebula with this card, flip all 5 cards to its linked creature side.


The card type is unique in that is has no mana cost, and a mana cost of only 0 on its flipped side.

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