This category is for cards that have a mana cost of 99.

It is the highest possible cost for a card that can be put into the main deck so far, besides Mana Cost ∞. Due to the unusually massive number, there is always a way to reduce their summoning costs.

Cards by Mana Cost

Mana Cost 1Mana Cost 2Mana Cost 3
Mana Cost 4Mana Cost 5Mana Cost 6
Mana Cost 7Mana Cost 8Mana Cost 9
Mana Cost 10Mana Cost 11Mana Cost 12
Mana Cost 13Mana Cost 14Mana Cost 15
Mana Cost 16Mana Cost 17Mana Cost 20
Mana Cost 24Mana Cost 25Mana Cost 30
Mana Cost 39Mana Cost 40Mana Cost 50
Mana Cost 71Mana Cost 99
Mana Cost 999
Mana Cost 0Mana Cost ∞

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