Cat Soul
Japanflag Cキャット・ソウル (Kyatto Sōru)
Cat Soul
DMX-22 Super Black Box Pack
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Cat Soul is a soul found exclusively on creatures in the Light Civilization.


It is exclusive to a single card from DMX-22, Nyannyan, Nyanko Rage.

2 Nyannyan, Nyanko Rage
Light / Creature
Outrage Nyanko


■ If this is your only creature in the battle zone, it gets +2222 power.

Cat Soul Cat Soul

It later had a gacharange creature version, Nyannyan, Nyanko Rage GR

It has a Dog counterpart, Dog Soul Dog Soul and is similar to the Ultra Soul Ultra Soul Ultra Soul found on Ultra Man and Ultimate Man from the other Black Box Packs.

Unlike the other Souls, it has no corresponding keywords.

Cards with Cat Soul

DMX-22 Super Black Box Pack

DMEX-08 Mysterious Black Box Pack


Unlike other Souls, there are no support cards or evolution creatures for Cat Soul.



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