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Castle is a card type.


It was first introduced in DM-30 Ultra Duel.

Each castle is fortified onto a shield after paying its mana cost.

A castle is put into the shield zone fortified to a shield. As long as the fortified shield remains in the shield zone; the castle's ability will be active.

When the fortified shield leaves the shield zone, the castle is put into your graveyard, and the shield the castle was fortified to leaves the shield zone in whatever way it would leave as normal (like being broken or by being put into the graveyard due to Core-Crash Lizard's ability). You can attach more than one castle to a shield, although some cards can have additional effects when being the only castle attached to a shield.


See also Shield Force and Shield Saver


Cards that support Castles

Support Card: Card Effect:
Fortune Slot ■ Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. From among them, you may put a creature, a spell, cross gear, and castle into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
T2 Ogapu ■ Whenever you put a castle into your shields, you may draw a card or choose a creature in the battle zone and return it to its owner's hand.


Cards supported by Castles

Supported Card: Card Effect:
El Levain, Lord of Spirits ■ For each castle in your shield zone, your creatures cost may each 1 less to summon. They can't cost less than 1.
Oracion, Mysterious Samurai ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, for each castle in your shields you may add the top card of your deck to your shields face down and choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and tap it.
■ When this creature is added to your hand from your shields and you have a castle in your shields, this creature gets "shield trigger".

Anti-Castle Cards

Anti-Castle Cards

Card: Card Effect:
Bolzard, Super Infinite Dragon Meteorburn—Whenever this creature attacks, you may put a card under this creature into your graveyard. If you do, choose one of the following.
► Choose a castle that is fortifying your opponent's shields and put it into its owner's graveyard.
Luna Mystery Mansion ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose one of the following.
► Choose a castle fortifying a player's shield and return it to its owner's hand.

List of Castles

DM-30 Ultra Duel

DM-31 Greatest Champion

DM-34 Cross Generation

DM-35 Neverending Saga

DMC-55 CoroCoro Legend 7

DMC-66 Duel Masters: Super Best

DMC-62 Ultra NEX

DMC-63 Lunatic God

DMR-02 Dark Side

DMX-01 King of Duel Road: Strong 7

DMX-08 Burn up to the Max! BEST Competition

DMEX-03 Peri!!! Specialness Overloaded Mystery Pack



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